You can register as a Reader or a Writer.

Readers gain access to all of the writing in Pen48, including short stories, poetry and more. You’ll also be able to come along to the Virtual Coffee Club meetings; it’s like a book club, online. Chat about the stories you’ve read, meet the authors, share ideas and feedback and just make friends who share the same interests as you.

Once you register as a Writer, you’ll be able to publish your own writing on Pen48 and enter our regular writing competitions!

It’s a simple registration process and if you initially register as a Reader, you can upgrade your account to Writer at any time.
The Pen48 Coffee Club is an online book club with regular virtual meetings. You'll find a list of planned events on the Coffee Club page. You can register to join any meeting by clicking 'Register'. Then, when you go into 'Events I'm attending', you'll find a code to join the meeting. Just copy and paste this into your browser at the appropriate time to meet new friends (or old friends if you’ve attended before) and join in the fun and discussion. (The first time you attend a meeting, you’ll be asked to download a small app from Zoom, which is the system we use to host our meetings, if you’ve not used it before.)

Why not give it a go?
If you’re registered as an author, you can enter any competition we publish on our competition page. Just post your entry to Pen48 as normal and remember to select the #competition as one of your labels. The winning entry will be the one with the most likes on the closing date. (We reserve the right to shortlist entries and/or promote the most popular ten, twenty or fifty.)
You do. We will never try to take or claim ownership of anything you publish on Pen48. All rights to your original material remain yours.
We take copyright theft very seriously. If you have reason to believe that something published on Pen48 is stolen from someone else, please use the Report function to let us know. If you believe that your material has been stolen from Pen48 and published elsewhere by a Pen48 member, or someone else, email us at [email protected] We will immediately remove any material that breaches copyright and block any member guilty of copyright theft.