Deep Sea Diver

I used to be a deep sea diver,

I sip my cold tea,

You submit to the lack of control,

A scream leaves my throat,

The surface is out of reach,

As an insignificant sob,

Light dances in gentle hues,

An obnoxious yellow glow,

Surrounds the kitchen table.


You must breathe,

Giraffe, giraffe, giraffe,




The sea echoes,

Wave after wave…,

‘Make the blooming dinner’?

No… ‘Your drama is not welcome here’,


‘Your drama is not welcome’,

Tides come and go,

Never panic ,

You used to be a deep sea diver.

Lucy Langdon
Apr 7 2020

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This invoked memories for me! Well done.

Charity Reed
Apr 8 2020

This is really thought provoking.

Rod Webb
Apr 7 2020