The White Lady

The light blacks out from the tower of Redhall Manor, once, twice, three times and I smile, slowly slipping out from beneath the blankets of my bed in the gate-house.

My white dress falls over my slender body before I crouch down to lace up my best boots. Quickly and quietly I pull out my tiny case, filled with my few precious belongings, from beneath the bed, before creeping across the room to fetch my white clock and bonnet hat from the hook at the door. 

As I go to leave, my hand stills on the iron handle. I throw a glance over my shoulder at my sleeping family whom I am leaving behind. My chest tightens and I fight against the want to stay with them. To stay within the safety of these four walls. I place a hand upon my belly, knowing deep inside that I have no choice but to leave. But I have the choice to bring with me a reminder of home.

So I risk it.

On tiptoes, I sneak across the floor to my sweet sister’s bedside. Her face is relaxed and body still in slumber. She barely stirs as I gently pull the red ribbon from her plaited hair.

I look to my other side, to where my parents sleep soundly in their bed. Oblivious to me leaving, never to return.

At that thought, my heart aches.

As quick as I can, I tiptoe back to the door, collecting my case. I leave, not allowing myself a final look back. While I walk away from the gate house, from my family, from life as I know it, I only let one small, bittersweet tear roll down my cheek.

Dusk is now long past and it is only the light from the moon that allows me to cross glenhead field. To the south I can see the top of the tower of Redhall manor, peaking out above the darkened treetops. I cannot help but smile at the many fond memories made inside the manor that have led to this moment.

I lift my white petticoats above my ankles, as I begin to wander from the path and through the trees, over the tops of rocks and roots. I can hear the rush of the river nearby and I quicken my step, butterflies beginning to flutter in my belly. I clamber through the wood until I can see the meandering path of the river. I follow it’s banks to the top of the steep decline to where the river cascades down a waterfall and regains it’s flow through Aldfreck field.

I perch myself upon the large rock that, over the last months, has beco...

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Lily Larkin
May 18 2020

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Gripping! It made me go cold. I absolutely loved it.

Rod Webb
Jun 28 2020

That was so well written. You had me captured in the first few lines. Well done!

Karen Loughridge
Jun 22 2020

A very powerful piece of writing which gives me the chills!

Paul Sterlini
Jun 20 2020

Well written and enjoyable story.

Tony Spencer
May 30 2020

I really enjoyed this and love your style of writing.

Tracy Windross
May 18 2020