Brown’s Bay

There is beauty here; the soft sand, crystal clear blue waters, the gentle slope of the headlands.

From here, sitting on the sands, you can see the whole of the glens of Antrim. The peak of Carincastle, the distant quarry of Glenarm, the silhouttes of Glenaff and Cushendall. 

You could sit all day, watching the boats leave and return to Larne lough. Listen as the odd car or tractor rumbles past on the quiet road.

Or glance to the headland and see two figures; a person and their hound amble along the grassy field as the moon, round and large, glints its silver rays off the salty waters beneath. 

Or watch as the wet sands become orange in the rising sun and listen as the birds sing in delight at its presence.

Or just sit at noon, with the clouds floating by and watch as the seagulls swoop down to sit upon the ever lapping waves as the sea comes to shore.

For there is beauty here to be admired at Brown's Bay Beach.

Lily Larkin
May 25 2020

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