Sweetness of the action is not sublime,
but strong and proud, defends past times.
The satisfaction felt within,
allows a rawness to begin.

A sense of letting boulders go,
disappointment will not show.
Success and glee shine through instead.
Much stronger now, now more misled.

Upon the surface, kept afloat,
a fortress with a deathly moat.
Yet underneath the waters deep,
hides the pain, the yearn to weep.

Hatred, we must rise above.
though love once had, is not enough.
Force and strength a mere charade.
Reality? a heart bare laid.

Steel barriers now sheets of skin.
Erosion of thick, now film so thin.
Fragile, weak, easy to pierce.
Tired and hurt, no longer fierce.

Revenge is sweet, or so they say.
Not so, if with your heart you pay.

Tracy Windross
Apr 7 2020

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