Wot, no ears?

Somewhere over there is the sea. And somewhere in the middle of all that water is an island. But don’t tell anyone, because it’s a very secret place and only I, and now you, know about it.

Today, I’m going to tell you about a tiny town on that island called Wot, and about a little boy who lived there, called George. But first, there is something very unusual you need to know about the people of Wot: They had lost their ears. 

They were blue too and very, very short, but that hardly mattered. And they had webbed feet. That is very useful if you live on an island surrounded by water. Having lost your ears is not useful at all.

Wot was a surprisingly noisy town. Although nobody in Wot could hear anything, the people that lived there loved to talk. You might say they liked the sound of their own voices, but that would be silly, because they couldn’t hear their own voices. 

But still they talked and talked. They talked about the weather of course; grown-ups spend a lot of time talking about the weather. And they talked about all the things that were wrong. Sometimes they were even right about what was wrong. They talked about their neighbours, and their neighbours’ cats. About cabbages and potatoes, and sometimes carrots. They talked about anything really; but nobody heard.

When the people of Wot had something really important to say, they wrote it down. So, there were lots of signs in Wot. They said things like ‘No Running!’ and ‘No Walking!’ and ‘Definitely, no Standing Still!’. Sometimes the signs caused such confusion that people asked each other loudly what they all meant. But that just caused more confusion.

Do you remember the name of the little boy I was going to tell you about? 

Oh, yes, it was George. George was a very special little boy; he was the first person in Wot to find his ears, and this is the story about how, and where, he found them.

George lived with his Mum and Dad in a little stone cottage right in the middle of Wot. Each morning he walked to school with his friends. You might be wondering what school in Wot was like. Well, let me tell you. It was boring. I mean, not just a little bit boring; but really, really, really boring. More boring even than washing dishes or folding your clothes. Even the teachers thought it was boring; it’s very difficult to...

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Rod Webb
Jun 4 2020

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Absolutely loved this story. As a former primary school teacher I think children will be interested and fascinated by George and Wot. Looking forward to reading further children’s stories.

Eileen O'Reilly
Jun 30 2020

An enjoyable story, whatever age.

Tony Spencer
Jun 6 2020

"This was very descriptive and about me. I loved the cake with the gobstopper because they're yummy." From George (my 9 year old). I thought it was fab too, if it had rhymed it would have been Dr Seuss-ish like The Lorax.

Katherine Horejsi
Jun 6 2020

I really enjoyed this. It reminds me of the books by Cecilia Ahern. Have you ever read 'Where the lost things go'?

Tracy Windross
Jun 5 2020