The Beauty of the Dam

The honeybees jump from purple foxgloves to yellow buttercups which grow among the thorny nettles.

Soon the little honeybees take a quick flight away into the sky as their peace is disturbed by a little barking dog, running and bouncing through the green marsh to find it’s tennis ball.

In amongst the grass of the march, hover the dainty blue dragonflies. They watch as a white gull takes flight, flying high above the heads of the elegant twin swans who float upon the water, sending gentle ripples out behind them, which glide to the edges of the reservoir. Where grey stone separates the water from the stoney path and forest of evergreen trees.

The forest which rolls over the glen and when you stand at the edge, between the dam and the trees, you can see the beautiful monument standing erect on the cliff edge of sileve true.

What a humbling place it is here, by the magic of the dams.

Lily Larkin
Jun 8 2020

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