Not for the faint-hearted

Days of late I wanted to leave, throw it all away,
Ready to end my days on earth, let the angels pay.

There was no truth in all they said, their spoken words were lies,
In all the hope and patience, I showed them I had tried.

The waves of woe within, come crashing against my reason,
No strength left to fight this darkness of thunder season.

Never, it seems, will my time come, to share the beautiful day,
This life, this time, this moment, a mass of self-decay.

My voice is heard but they're not listening, no angels there for me,
They're here for all the others, but refuse to set me free.

Nothing left to pay with, for this overpriced life,
Posessions I'd gladly sacrifice, happiness would suffice.

Time to give up hope of love, no joy in being alone,
The angels have betrayed me, they told me to postpone.

The time has come to wait no more, to throw it all away,
A better place awaits me, now let the angels pay!

Tracy Windross
Apr 7 2020

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