The Rain

There is something so beautiful about the rain.

The way it can simply wash the earth or devastate everything in it's path.

The way it can start suddenly or build in black clouds, roaming the skies for days.

The way we must have rain to live.

The way it creates rainbow's, long after it has gone.

The way we try to make sense of it through scienfic fact; it boogles the mind to think that every raindrop has fallen to earth hundred of thousands of millions of times before.

Yet, some still say the raindrops are the angel's tears.

But either way, there is something so beautiful about the rain.

The smell, the noise, the cool crispness of the wind it brings.

The puddles it forms, the ripples upon the lakes, the waves whipped up on the ocean.

The fact that we sing in it, dance in it, hurry home it in, seek shelter from it. 

The fact that it can bring a thunderstorm, lightning flashing through it's black clouds.

Or pass in a few minutes.

That some countries pray for the rain to come, and others pray for it to stop.

That it is so tangible but utterly untouchable.

It can never be caused or created by mankind.

And that is what is so beautiful about the rain.

Lily Larkin
Jun 21 2020

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