I am alone

I am trapped,

My skull a prison,

I can’t escape,

I need to get out,

Outside my head,

There’s nothing.


They are drowning me,

My thoughts,


Dragging me in,

Please don’t see me,

I am utterly alone.


Too many people,

I can’t feel them,

They are not there,

They are too close,

Please let me out,

I am trapped.


I am lost,

Sitting at the table,

With friends,

I don’t know anyone,

I’ve been here before,

This unfamiliar.



You touched me,

You touched my arm,

I need to get out,

My heart is pounding,

Why would you touch me?


My dog is looking up at me,

Deep trusting eyes,

Tail wagging,

My safe place,

Fur curly and golden,

My food has arrived.

Craig Worcester
Apr 4 2020

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