Connor Shaw

I came home from the city to find a dead sheep on my doorstep. It must have been there for some time judging by the smell. I shook my head, this was not the first time I had come home to such a grisly find. It had to stop and I knew who I had to see about it.

It was a short way through the woods to the cottage where he lived and as I walked along the narrow path I felt my anger rising. When I bought the house three months ago in this idyllic part of the world, I hadn’t expected to be made to feel so utterly unwelcome.

I’d been searching for ages for a weekend retreat in the countryside and when the house came onto the market it seemed perfect and was ridiculously cheap. There was just one condition, a lifelong tenancy for the occupant of the cottage that came with the house, situated in adjoining woodland. The tenant, Connor Shaw was aged ninety-two, so I didn’t think he’d be much trouble or even be around that long. 

From the start, it was clear that Connor was not pleased about my arrival. He made disparaging comments about incomers and city folk and was surly and unpleasant towards me. Despite supposedly being ninety-two he was lithe and fit with the appearance of a man half his age. But there w...

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Alex Sandys
Aug 13 2020

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An excellent and really well written example of how to tell a powerful story in a few words.

Rod Webb
Aug 13 2020