The Mask

As I try so hard to get through the night, I think about my past.
And looking back I realise I’ve always worn a mask.

Showing on the outside what others want to see,
but truly underneath it all, hides the real me.

I feel like I’m wounded, bleeding from my soul.
It feels so long ago when I felt complete and whole.

I’m crying on the inside, but rarely let it show.
I really never thought, again, I feel so bloody low.

I miss those special moments of having someone close.
To have another hold me tight is what I yearn for most.

I fool everyone around me, that I like it how it is,
but hidden deep within me I want that loving kiss.

I may not ever be loved again, the way that I once was,
it must be worst to have never loved, than to have loved and lost.

So I try to turn the sadness, and the loss, and hurt, and tears,
into feelings of joy and laughter, and of someone without fears.

But I’m lonely deep within me, and fed up with this task.
'Cos my soul has sunk, my heart is dead, but I still wear that foolish mask.


Tracy Windross
Apr 8 2020

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I think you captured “loneliness” and those feelings exactly right and at some point most of us have experienced this in some way at some point in our lives. Some more than others. So hard to fine the words but with your talent, you managed to do this 👏🏼

Elaine Harvey
May 3 2020