Street Sounds, 3 October 2020

A lulling of cloudburst

pours into silence;

filling cupped leaves,

replenishing blooms

and accenting yellows.

It pours on the pavement

glistening blackness,

echoing footsteps,

washing the words

lost behind masks,

words losing melody,

with still,

hope for harmony.

Janette Ostle
Oct 3 2020

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Love how you move from the visual to the aural senses!

Paul Sterlini
Nov 21 2020

Amazing. I could smell the new life of colour and and wet pavement. It definitely wakens the imagination.

Craig Worcester
Nov 21 2020

Really lovely, Janette.

Nonita Thomas
Nov 21 2020

I read this several times in order to extract the meaning from every word. It's beautiful.

Rod Webb
Oct 5 2020

That’s lovely, Janette xx

Jennifer Lucas
Oct 4 2020