Brave Billy

                                                    Chapter One – A Book is Found

One Saturday morning, Jamie went round to Kevin’s house. They had planned to go to the local car boot sale together. So they set off, having been told to take Kevin’s younger sister with them.

It was disappointing to find that there were only things like damaged boxes of toothpaste etc. for sale. So when they spotted Sharmilla, who was also their friend, standing near a stall, they went over to talk to her. Kevin told her that he had been hoping to find some old books.

“Well, there are lots of interesting old books, in the local library” said Sharmilla and she showed them the way. Clare, Kevin’s sister, was excited to go to the library without adults, and Jamie was always happy to go along with whatever the rest of the gang wanted to do.

The library had an old-fashioned wooden smell, from the polished parquet flooring. And there was a spooky feeling of everyone listening to you. Having to keep quiet, actually had the opposite effect of making every noise louder!

“Look over here”, whispered Jamie, showing them a shelf full of ‘large print’ books. “How embarrassing! Who would ever want to read those!” At which Kevin burst out laughing.

“Shhhh” came an angry hissing from the newspaper area.

All four of them shuffled off quickly and gathered in a less popular area of the library. Each had a go at reading from a huge, cumbersome book called ‘The Triple Crown’. They were all good at reading. Even Clare who was only eight years old. Kevin only had to help her with the word ‘prophet’.

For her go, Sharmilla flipped the pages over to near the very end. Then, unexpectedly, a small postcard fell out of the book’s back cover and onto the floor.

Kevin picked it up and, upon closer inspection, saw that it was not a postcard but a tiny paper notebook.

He showed it to the others. It was an I-Spy book, and on the cover was printed: HISTORY. 6D. NEWS CHRONICAL I-SPY NO.3. It was faded and was made of extremely thin paper.

Butting their heads together, they all tried to see what was inside as Kevin flipped through the pages. There were printed illustrations of objects like ancient village milestones, that the reader was supposed to find in real life. Then you had to record the da...

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Nonita Thomas
Oct 24 2020

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