Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper

She lives in the periphery

She's not what she seems to be 

And she's not always kind to me.


Virginia Creeper

She lingers between doorways

Wet footprints in the hallways

And she's watching you always.


Virginia Creeper

You'll find her at the edges

Along the ditches and the hedges

And wave cut platform ledges.


Virginia Creeper

They say she died in a river

With her cold blue lips a quiver

As she gives a little shiver.


Virginia Creeper 

Should you ever meet her

Be careful how you greet her

For she's a sad and broken creature.


Virginia Creeper

She'll return back to the deep

With her secrets that she'll Keep

But she'll haunt you in your sleep.

Alex Sandys
Oct 31 2020

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