Winter Swimming

Outdoor swimmers are adventurous folk

Some swim front crawl and others breast stroke

And many agree that when temperatures drop

That’s not the time for swimming to stop

We love a freezing dip alright 

Anytime of day or night

We know it keeps us fit and well

Though to others it may look like hell 


There are those who prefer to dip their toes 

And those who just jump straight in

Some wear wetsuits, hats, socks and gloves 

And others wear nothing but skin

I like to swim as bare as I dare

Just a costume to cover my blushes

I love the feel of the icy cold water 

And it helps with menopause flushes


Getting in can be a real test

With or without a thermal vest

I walk into waves, feel the rising numb

That starts with my feet, goes up to my tum

The next part will require some boldness

It’s when you have to dip your shoulders

Take a deep breath, exhale and go

The pain won’t last that long I know


A thousand icy needles sting

My mind tunes into everything

The sea, the sky the clouds above

This is the moment I most love

When senses heighten and all is one

And of course, it’s such great fun


Dressing is not so easily done

With hands that are cold and fingers numb

I might ditch the pants, to hell with the bra

No one will see that much from afar

Pile on the layers, and don’t stop at that

Add two pairs of socks and a bright woolly hat


Pour a hot drink and watch my hands shake

Warm up with coffee then start on the cake

And laugh and embrace the joy that I share

With my fabulous friends who swim in fresh air



Alex Sandys
Dec 4 2020

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