Thoughts of Grandeur

The chateau room, so grand yet frayed.
The treasures have been long mislaid.
Those drapes, a testament of wealth.
Reflections of a former self.
The fireplace, providing warmth.
Around which family members swarmed.
But now the room so tired and cold,
The fire can no longer scold.
The parquet floor abundant with dance.
Now splintered, not worth a second glance.
Still as strong as an aging oak,
Thoughts of grandeur do provoke.
The doors led to a heavenly scent,
Of meadow flowers in great extent.
Beyond which lay the formal grounds.
Remaining now, just weeds in mounds.
A family home of status high.
Now a scene of times gone by.
In a state of disrepair,
A room of beauty, and a three legged chair.

Tracy Windross
Jan 25 2021

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This poem is beautifully written.

Joanne Camwell
Mar 11 2021

Amazing how each line is so descriptive in itself!

Paul Sterlini
Feb 11 2021

A lovely poem with astute observations

Janette Ostle
Jan 31 2021

Loved the final line especially.

Rod Webb
Jan 25 2021