The Pocket Watch

He lay on the floor of the room feeling confused. There was a bright blue sky outside where, just moments ago, it had been the middle of the night. There was a window in the middle of the wall in front of him with a fireplace below it and an old chair to the right that was propping open an old broken door that was hanging on its hinges. The glass panes were smashed, with shards of glass around the foot of the door and some sharp edges still embedded into the frame. He felt the warm breeze on his skin of a summer’s day drift in. But it was winter. When he had gone to bed his grandfather had told him to take an extra blanket as the radiator in his room wasn’t working, again. The room he was in now was old, the pale blue paint on the walls was peeling off. It had been a long time since anyone had been here. But why. But how was he here. 

He rubbed his eyes again, hoping that it would just be a dream and he would be back in his cold room and warm bed. He stood up and his legs wabbled before they took his weight. He walked across the room and could see an old dried-up bunch of flowers sat on the fireplace in front of the window. He touched them and at first, they felt dry and brittle before they turned to dust and fell from the ledge landing and collapsing into a pile of old flower dust on the floor. He stepped back and realised he was still wearing his pyjamas. This had to be a dream. But it felt so real. The touch of the flowers as they broke to dust, the warm breeze on his face, the floor hard when he was sat on it. He could hear the trees in what looked like an overgrown garden rustle in the wind. 

Still confused, he looked around the room and tried to decide what to do, what was happening. He decided he would take a look outside, whilst doing so looked back across the room and saw the huge staircase, collapsed and broken and in bits on floor behind where he had been sat. This felt much more interesting to explore than the garden, so he walked towards the rubble and started to look around. He didn’t get very far when he felt the dust and rubble of the fallen staircase under his feet and felt the pain of a piece of cement dig in right in the soft part of his foot. He jumped back and fell to the ground grabbing his foot. He rubbed it better, stood up again and hung on the edge a banister that was upturned on the floor to see if there was ...

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Ric Hayden
Feb 6 2021

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A sweet sci-fi tale! This was the literary version of a hug.

Jason Podesta
Feb 8 2021

Wow, what a teaser... so much detail in this little story, and now I am left with 101 questions! This is a ‘must’ read. Can’t wait to see where this story goes on to, or where it came from! You will understand what I mean once you read this.

Chris Brown
Feb 6 2021