Getting There

It’s pretty amazing to do what I've done.
I feel ‘at last, I've finally won’.
I can see the light, and its heading my way,
And I know how to keep the darkness at bay.
I feel strong and complete and finally well,
The poison no longer casts me her spell.
I can finally smile, and it’s not just a mask,
And when I need help I just need to ask.
I have learned we are all fragile beasts,
And that my resilience has increased.
It’s not a failure to ask for support,
The sign of weakness that I once thought.
I now know we all need help sometimes,
And as long as I ask I’ll get through those times.
I’ve learned about being kind to myself,
And not worrying too much about everyone else.
I am the best mother I can possibly be,
And the day will come when my children will see,
I was there for them both with every breath,
And continue to be till I meet my death.
But I no longer wish this to be sooner than norm,
I'm no longer amidst a thunderous storm.
I’m calm and content and enjoying my days, 
No more walking that tiresome maze.
I enter this new phase of my life,
Still as a mother, no longer a wife,
and I know one day again I will love,
But for now, I am head and shoulders above.

Tracy Windross
Apr 8 2020

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