She told me she is now a man,

that, finally, he feels at peace.

The crazy turmoil she lived through,

was how he found release.


She harmed herself to punish the skin

she did not feel was hers.

Confusing are the details

as it's men he still prefers.


She tried so hard to fit,

but could never keep a friend.

He realises now 

that she was having to pretend.


So many rules were broken.

A rebel she became.

The adult years it took for him

to cast away the blame.


A sense of pride becomes me,

as the mother of a son.

For she has gone to hell and back

for what he's now become.

Tracy Windross
Apr 7 2021

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I love this poem. It's honest, and open, and shares an emotional life journey, which ends with the best ending ever; LOVE! The world needs more fantastic poetry like this.

Lainey Hesketh
May 4 2021

This is utterly breathtaking! I love it so much! The switch between the pronouns is beautiful! This is such a personal and powerful poem! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Lily Larkin
Apr 19 2021

Very moving! 💙

Elaine Harvey
Apr 18 2021

Powerfully moving. Brings to light the life changing experiences some people have to go through. Highlights the emotional pain also the struggle, ending with love and acceptance.

Eileen O'Reilly
Apr 16 2021

Very powerful!

Rod Webb
Apr 9 2021

This is a beautiful poem written from the heart. It is cleverly structured and the flow of the words reflect the struggle from confusion and denial of the situation to clarity, understanding and ultimately acceptance by son and mum.

Joanne Camwell
Apr 8 2021