Dieting - 1 Hour Challenge

We're just not evolved to deal with plenty. For millenia we've teetered on the brink of starvation so that our bodies have adapted to store any surplus as insurance against future hunger. Except the hunger doesn't come.

Until we get tired of clothes we've outgrown or vanity leads to anxiety in advance of a holiday, then the hunger comes. Often with extraordinary marketing claims, cellophane wrapped in portion packs the hunger comes. We compare our hunger with friends, even recommend our hunger to strangers sometimes believing that one hunger is better than another, always believing that hunger is good; hunger is right and virtuous; that the hunger is welcome until we can exchange it for the right sized clothes or a flattering photo.

Then we put the hunger away, we celebrate our lives of plenty and indulge our excessive palates until January, when the Piety Police appear once more. We are told again, we are sold again, the punishments for excess, the promise of absolution and the hope of redemption.

Katherine Horejsi
May 1 2021

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Absolutely loved this.

Rod Webb
May 1 2021