The Song

She had wanted to write songs from an early age.  Well, it had started with writing poems really, inspired by her Dad, who loved to write and share a poem or two.  Her love of reading and creative fun was progressed by wet, Sunday, indoor afternoons enjoyed with her sister.  They’d while away the hours creating stories and songs for Top of the Pops, and listen to songs from the 60s and 70s. 

Sundays progressed with the countdown to the top 40 charts on the radio, their clunky, Sony tape recorder at the ready, finger paused over the red button, the timing was everything!  Afterwards, they’d rewind and replay their current favourites, but this did come with the stop risk process.  The stop risk; when the tape cassette decides to wrap itself in tangled knots.

There were three parts to the stop risk fix; part one was getting the cassette out without snapping the tape, then part two; detangling the myriad of kinks created.  Part three, was the fun part; getting a pencil, placing it in the plastic circle part and winding the tape in without snapping it.  Job done.  That was until you played the cassette again, when often, at the same song part, it would do the same thing again.  So you repeated the process until you got fed up. 

Bang.  It was on 08 December 1980 that the power of song hit big for her world.  John Lennon was dead.  Needlessly gone.   The revolutionary songwriter and singer who had inspired the world, who had filled the planet with vision, love and a passion for standing up for what was right, and bravely fighting for social justice in what was wrong, and for the vulnerable.  The power of the song.  Imagine.  She does it every day.  Thank you John.

Lainey Hesketh
Jul 10 2021

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