Wistful notes,

A young girls toes,

Playing a glittering dance floor,

An orchestra plays,

To the music in the room.


Explosions force,

The movement of straining metal,

Rolling on carpets of dirt,

An engine chugs along,

To furrows in the ground.


Whistling air,

Rushing through tunnels wet,

Dark voids expanding,

Unresisting confines reached,

Is the sound of life.


Unrestrained screaming,

A child throws out,

Running through halls unending,

Giddy joy bounding along,

A chorus at play.


Suspended in air,

Light pollen reaching far,

Wings upon a bee,

Its colony at work,

A transformation to new.


Everything changes,

Always the same,

Life is not fading,

It is only the past,

This is not the ending.

Craig Worcester
Jul 24 2021

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Great imagery

Rod Webb
Jul 24 2021