The Moon’s a Balloon, a book by David Niven.  A book I haven’t read yet.  Yet, I was the type of child to ponder on its title as it settled on the shelf.  It settled on the shelf when I tried to sleep, underneath an orb, an air-filled orb, rocked in a basket I’d float away to lands, faraway lands, and rest upon a mattress where the sky met the sea.

And, through the day, dangling on a string, the balloon of a moon would always follow me.  The moon was always there, an everyday, unnoticed phenomenon.

Tangled up in adulthood, tangled up in facts, we lose hold of childhood reveries.  We drag them behind on a rope of tangled melancholy.  Dreams, once expanded, escalate and swell, but we let them go, we let them go and miss the moonlight glow.  We let them go, we let them plummet.  We let them go.

With our head in the clouds, allowing thoughts to float, we can soar in our dream, and it’s a fact - if we jumped on the moon, we’d jump higher

be mindful not to burst it.

Janette Ostle
Jul 27 2021

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Beautifully written with a light, flowing rhythm. Lovely read. I've read this a few times now and enjoyed it every time. Thank you!

Lainey Hesketh
Aug 20 2021

Never lose your dreams, always strive to make the good ones come true . There is always more to a person than you see.

Thomas Armstrong
Aug 12 2021

I do miss my moonlight glow. Maybe when I retire, I can go hunting for it again!
Lovely, Janette. From Nonita

Nonita Thomas
Aug 7 2021

The third paragraph is so powerful!

Paul Sterlini
Jul 28 2021