The Crossing

The sensation of dying was not what she had expected. One minute she was filled with panic and fear, struggling to keep tired, so cold, going under, feeling her eyes bulge and the sting of the salt water. The next she was filled with peace and calm and warmth and light. Her first thought was that she had been rescued and was cocooned in a bright, white, light container for safe keeping. Her next thought was that she could sleep here and feel safe if it wasn't so bright. Yet the brightness did not hurt her eyes. 
gradually the brightness evaporated and she could see where she was. She was in fact inside of a hot air balloon basket. She stood and clutched the side of the felt real. But was it? Looking up, the balloon and flame looked real.

she looked over the edge of the basket and saw the sea. A jolt of fear struck her as she instantly remembered fighting for her life in the sea....but that was a while ago now....everything seemed good now. She calmed and looked at her hands, patted herself down to see if she was really there, she was dry and warm and in unfamiliar clothes. A shift dress in plum cotton and a warm brown cardigan of soft wool. Her feet were bare but not cold. She knew that this was strange, this whole thing was strange but that thought was slipping away from her and being replaced with a sense of acceptance and comfort with what she had and where she was. 
she looked out across the sea and a gentle breeze shook her hair. The bright colours of a sunset lit her face. She tried to remember who she was, who she had been and decided it didn't matter anymore. She just wanted to live in the moment. She had no idea where the balloon was taking her or even if it was really moving anywhere, but she just didn't care. She took in a deep breath and smiled.

Amy Jones
Jul 29 2021

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Wow! Fantastic flash story in minutes. Would love to see this expanded and where your imagination could take us.

Tony Spencer
Aug 8 2021

I thought this was really clever and well written.

Rod Webb
Aug 4 2021