What am I?

I've been boxed,

For all of my life,

Not able to live,

Outside of my box,

The box is all I can be.


A few unknown,

Moments ago,

My box moved,

It tipped and slid,

I'm anxious to lose my box.


It's cold,

Outside of my box,

Beneath me wet and chill,

There is so much more,

Now I'm out of the box.


Life seems brighter,


Outside of my box,

Endless possibilities,

New directions without limits.


Air rushes through me,

Filling me with room,

Expanding beyond the box,

My shape evolving,

Released from the box.


I'm rising,

Nothing to keep me down,

Rippling and growing,

Warmth and life inside,

There's something beneath me.


Will I ever escape my box?

Craig Worcester
Aug 5 2021

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