The Pre Wake (Part 1/3)

THE PRE WAKE (Part 1/3)


Extract from the diary of Robert Sullivan, Bishop of the Diocese of Sandburg:

“When I first found religion I hoped my life could be fulfilled. When I met the woman who was to become my wife I knew that a sacrifice by me was necessary. She did not quite see God as I did, but she too sacrificed enough in those early days to overcome any doubts she may have held. Time came when I was called upon to do my duty and my wife threw herself into meeting her calling and life was good. A child came and the child went and I was free to answer higher callings but this time my wife decided to follow a separate calling of her very own.

Far too soon the only child from our marriage was taken from us in his prime and my wife and I came together once more, united in grief, knowing that the only bond between us was broken, a bond that perhaps only the greatest of sacrifices could mend. Heaven help us.”







It was dusk by the time the limousine that had collected us from the local airport dropped us off by the front steps of my son John and his wife’s isolated mansion. Actually, the mansion had been in our daughter-in-law’s family since they built it in the wilderness 150 years ago. To think Pauline and I were worried about gold diggers when our workaholic self-made son sold off all his businesses for billions six years ago! He was 39, the successful business he built bored him and he told us his aim was, “to search for a bride and have a family”. Then we discovered that the one woman who stole his heart was not only a lovely, adorable person both inside and out, but she was rolling in so much “old money” that she could regard our son's billions as “chump change”.


I asked Adrienne once what her family invested in and, with that tinkly crystal chandelier chuckle that would invigorate a dead man, Adrienne Eldrake-Sullivan said, “every business that has ever been, Robert, then we reinvest the dividends in everything that is to come. Our investments are so deep and so spread, that if every major industry or top 100 global business collapsed without a trace overnight, we would hardly suffer a scratch.”


The limo drive...

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Tony Spencer
Aug 15 2021

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