The Borrowed Book

The borrowed book had notes in the margins that were better than the text they critiqued.  I read them first before embarking on the 36 chapters and concluded that they had been written by an English Teacher who believed they had been overlooked by successive publishers in favour of inferior authors. 

Some comments offered the reassurance of "I agree or "well of course". Others however were more ascerbic such as "She would never have done that, very poor character development".  The two stories ran in parallel for thirteen chapters when the comments suddenly stopped, so I contented myself with the author's words for the remainder. 

It was a pleasant enough read if somewhat unexciting but I persevered until I reached the last page. There in the margin was a final comment: "well done, I gave up 23 chapters ago"'

Katherine Horejsi
Aug 21 2021

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Love this.

Rod Webb
Aug 30 2021