The Drift - Part 6

Tina was an experiment. I’m confident that I can get everyone back. There are a small number of them that must stay behind, but I’ve already shown that I can rebound them. My main concern is that I can no longer sense Patricia. After she bounced, I lost her.

There is another person I’m worried about. I’ve not been able to sense my father for a few days. The last time I was aware of him was when my mother took him to the memory of Harry and Patricia’s sacrifice.


'Perspective is a dangerous weapon. Drip feeding information, whether true or not, over any number of years, has the potential to destroy societies and cripple nations. End life. Individuals and collectives fuel anarchy for self-gain and sometimes for no other reason than they can.

There has long been an element of the Drift that wishes to take control. Its desire to dominate and manipulate overrides all sense of decency. Its rage and lust for power blinding its morality. This rage has been leaking, paralysing parts of the Drift and creating waves of descent that threaten all existence.

Extract from The Drift – Unknown origin.'


I need to take full control. Losing Patricia was a mistake. My resolve is shaken by the force needed to repel them both. Carefully focusing my sense, I reach out for my mother. She will be aware of what’s happening and likely involved in some way.

That’s interesting. There’s an unexpected presence surrounding her. I don’t understand how, but it’s Patricia. I thought she was lost. Relief quiets my anxiety, but it’s short-lived as my sense of Patricia fades. I’m starting to doubt my abilities, it’s unnerving. The only thing I can do is reach for my mother again. Bring her to me. She won’t like being summoned. I have no choice.

Before I have the chance to refocus my sense, she is here. And she’s furious.

My mother hasn’t taken her familiar corporeal form. I know this isn’t needed in the Drift, it’s just something that has been accepted as normal over the last few millennia. This is another unexpected manifestation and it’s making my self-doubt darken within me. Without form, she is no longer my mother, she is Sofia. Having disregarded her physical form, she is in a natural state of thought and emotion. Her focus and strength are intense.


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Craig Worcester
Oct 20 2021

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Confusion upon confusion with writing that gets stronger and stronger.

Rod Webb
Dec 14 2021