Travelling as a Passenger


I live in my head

As my bones cease to perform their simple tasks

My heart slows then speeds without a cause

I retreat to my head

Inside my thoughts I can roam wide, unhindered

With open eyes I can see distances, lives

I rejoice inside my head

Looking from the motorway into the rear windows, kitchens

Seeing those people eating, laughing, rowing

I dream inside my head

I want their life, I want to be those people, different

I feel their lives more keenly than my own

I travel inside my head

Ideas, stories, visions, clever thoughts run wild

The feeling that the small, ineffectual you has grown

I grow inside my head

As my body slows, my joints creak, my vision expands

I have not yet seen it all, been it all, lived it all

I diminish inside my head

Everything I have missed, failed in, meant to be and do

Everything I have wrecked, hurt, left unsaid

I do this now, inside my head

Nov 5 2021

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