The Apple Tree

Forbidden fruit, they must not eat.

The master's rules, they should not cheat.

His aim, to make us nice and neat.

The master shouldn't have let them meet.


'Tis now a place where lovers go.

To meet in secret, hearts aglow.

Embracing, letting passion flow.

The seeds of further life will grow.


Then children play beneath the tree,

Full of fun and energy,

Climbing branches, "look at me",

A generation so carefree.


The fruit so sweet and flesh so pure,

When you crave, this fruit will cure.

This flesh that has a great allure,

Willl always leave you wanting more.


Why forbid it? Why let us lust?

Why make us want to breach your trust?

Why look at us in great disgust,

Then turn us back to ash and dust?




Tracy Windross
Nov 6 2021

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Very clever and beautifully written.

Rod Webb
Nov 8 2021