Burning Bridges

Many a time, as life drifts on by,

we feel so hurt, but our tears are all dry.

We try to be strong and deal with stuff,

but  there comes a time when enough is enough.

We can fight or flight, so the experts say.

But what if, we no longer wish to play?

We cant just hide 'cos we'll still feel the pain,

and why should we run from our own demain?

Our strength diminishes with every hour.

It's them who have the abundance of power.

So we build a moat round our own llittle fort,

give ourselves time, kindness, support,

until we are strong and healthy once more,

then we put on our armour, we're ready for war.

But the armour is heavy and we're just not that strong,

and we realise that we no longer belong.

Then we burn our bridge so we can't go back.

And no longer will we have to take their crap!

Tracy Windross
Nov 6 2021

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