The Drift - Part 7


‘The ability of the Drift to protect itself has always been dependable. Each dimension has a Guardian to regulate the sentience within. Only the Guardian of the Drift can move between realities and influence them. The corporeal Guardian is limited to its own existence and has no reach into the Drift. Each reality can only have one Guardian. To change this would upset the harmony of all existence.

We believe a rogue Guardian was created at the time of the sacrifice.

Extract from the book of Guardians.’



I’ve been careful to maintain my anonymity and remain hidden, allowing me to take my time spreading the seeds of doubt through the Drift. Forcing my consciousness into the corporeal being, that was Mark has proven to be more useful than I’d hoped for. Mark’s career instils trust and a level of admiration that cause people to listen to him. I’ve had to be careful though, keeping the details I give to any one person to a minimum. Given the circles he moves in, those snippets are soon drawn to each other, encouraging opinions to be swayed and moulded.

Today has been particularly exhilarating. It wasn’t by coincidence that I’d been placed in charge of the prosecution of Tina Rogers. I’ve been working hard to gain the confidence of DSI Patricia Martin. The time and effort I’ve put into that relationship have paid off. Watching Sofia as she realised that Tina’s consciousness is trapped at the edge of the Drift was very satisfying. This was her first taste of how my actions are starting to impact her reality. And she’s not aware that I’ve had anything to do with it. Not yet. Patricia sending Sofia into the Drift set the next part of my plan into action. She has unwittingly become my greatest asset, not suspecting my influence on her feelings and actions.



I need to cause a little more tension to make sure Sofia can’t stop me. A tremor is rippling its way through the Drift. I know it’s being caused by the joining of Harry and Patricia. The sacrifice they made all those years ago, to protect Sofia and Nisha, has made them weak. Harry is withdrawn, going through the motions of socialising and continuing his life, but in reality, he has separated himself from everything an...

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Craig Worcester
Nov 12 2021

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