IN PRAISE OF CATS – there had to be one!



Ancient gods of the old world

Cats have no reason to be, they just are

Cats need no-one it is said, but that is untrue

Cats need admirers and workers, too.

In two distinct camps fall their supporters

Those who dress their cats in costume

Those who accept they must fawn and coo;

Those who are anti-cat, hate their furry aloofness

Those who hate animals full stop, yes that’s true!

Believing in the dangers of the cat, they claim

Cats don’t care; treated with indifference they survive

Treated with respect, they revive

Treated with indulgence, they positively thrive.

Ask any cat what they prefer; their stony beady eyes will tell you

They prefer to be fed and warm and asleep, that’s true

But they expect to be just a minor deity too.

Nov 14 2021

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