Oh The Joy of Christmas

Saturday, 3 weeks before Christmas, is when it began.

It took hours to make the place spick and span.

I wanted a magical feel for the kids,

and the whole house needed a jolly good blitz.

Then came a trip to the cold and dark loft,

with a chilling dampness and an old musty waft.

I scrambled through boxes whilst balanced on one knee,

to find where I'd put all the dec's and the tree.

"Aha!", I cried when my vision was clear.

My tree-top Angel had suddenly appeared.

I then found the tinsel, the baubles and more,

and laid them all gently on the living room floor.

I spent hours making a wonderland dream,

fitting for an enchanted Ice Queen.

Then came the moment I excitedly waited,

when all my hard work would be appreciated.

As the kids neared the door I felt so proud,

'They'll love it', I thought 'They'll be so WOW'd'.

I heard the latch click and the door opened wide,

then two arguing kids came bounding inside,

Rowing and shouting and screaming for food,

not even a glance at my hard work 'How rude!'.

They flung their coats and dumped their stuff,

while one was pushing, the other one shoved.

"Watch out", I cried, as they pushed too far,

then down came the golden glittering star,

along with the tinsel and icicle lights,

while my wonderful kids continued to fight.

The cuddly penguins and stuffed polar bears,

were used as missiles and chucked up the stairs.

"Go to your rooms", is all I could master,

As I realised my efforts had been a disaster.

Later that evening when the kids were in bed,

I drowned my sorrows with a full bodied red.

I left all the mess, and the place looked a sight,

'Sod that', I thought, and to all a goodnight.



Tracy Windross
Nov 21 2021

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