I am me

I'm not going to stop being me!

I'm not going to stop being me.

The person I am has been locked up for years,

and I've finally let her be free.


No longer will others dictate.

No longer will I feel their hate.

'cos like me or not, this is all that I've got,

as I've learned to let go of the weight.

I wont waste anymore of my time.

I've not many more years in my prime.

I've accepted my wrong, but will you move along?

Though I messed up, it isn't a crime!


I've tried to reach out to you.

I've tried to muddle my way through.

But although you are dear, I don't have a vaneer.

To myself, I will always remain true.


I've finally made peace with myself.

No longer on the punishment shelf.

You should move on too, as I wont wait for you,

Please take another look at yourself.

Tracy Windross
Nov 21 2021

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