Senses of Autumn in Paris

Stormy clouds scudding past the steely ramparts of the tower traverse the whispering strand and khaki mists of Trocadero down to the inky, stonewashed Seine and the nutmeg walls with burnished brass and glass carousel of Notre Dame, the air fragrant and friable.

Bustling boulevards of graphite grandeur filled full of consumers in trendy tan trenchcoats, gilted gold in snazzy scarves and silver smoky chapeaux. A bazaar of shades - pumpkin, paprika, melon, saffron, orange, a fairground fragrance of marrons and gazole commingling with Chanel No 5.

Cemented Chestnuts cling to fast-falling foliage revealing glimpses of determined diners at the rainbows of street cafés; purple pouts sip creamy coffee or mellow mochas with chocolate truffles, furry fingers  grip glasses of wine, artistic aniseed aperitifs defeating the descending dusk.

Jennifer Lucas
Nov 22 2021

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Great images and the rhythm adds to the busy-ness of the scene

Janette Ostle
Dec 5 2021

Lovely. I'd like to go there now!

Nonita Thomas
Nov 27 2021