Upside and Down

Upside is a simple village of ramshackle crampness. It's dwellings tell of hardship, grime and the loss of never having had. It's inhabitants know nothing of wealth or possession. Their day starts hard and early, mist dragging the biting cold to consume the bones of meatless limbs.

Small market squares are filled with makeshift benches of pitiful wares, interrupting the murky sea of crumbling homes. Chimneys wheezing desperate breaths of wistful warmth as the inhabitants huddle around, desperately looking at their lumpy grey offering. Their only sight of food for the long day ahead.

For all of it's desperation, Upside is a happy place, filled with laughter and song. Life may be hard, but families gather at the end of each day, watching the light fade through the pea soup fog. Fires are lit as musicians spark up merry tunes for all to enjoy. Laughter and song are the food of life.


Down is the most luxurious and grand of cities you ever will see. Picturesque avenues are lined with glittering palaces, laden with elegance and warmth. The magnificent people of Down have every possession you could imagine, all varieties of steaming food filling their tables. Their beautifully palatial homes glowing with bright fires of warm comfort. There is only excess in Down. If you live there you want for nothing. Life is not interrupted by fear of emptiness and despair.

Elegant boutiques line opulent boulevards offering ballroom gowns, trinkets to suit every desire and tasty morsels to brighten each smile. Life is easy, it’s people gathering each evening to watch a dazzling display from unending whistles, pops and bangs of its unrivalled fireworks display.

For all of it's luxury and wealth, Down is a sad and gloomy place to exist, devoid of the joy or emotion. Encounters at the opulent breakfast tables are rare. Each occupant floats around and chooses their favourite foods with elegant fingers, leaving without interaction or care. No chatter for family or living sole they might accidentally encounter.

There is one emotion that consumes the occupants of Down. Each and every lonely, bitter sole desperately wishing they could have the warmth and love for life they see in Upside. Envy.

Craig Worcester
Nov 28 2021

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