Upside Down

When the world turned upside down,
It really was confusing.
The Australians woke up wet and cold,
Which the English found amusing.

Until they found they couldn’t 
Quite tune into radio two,
And all the animals had fallen
Headlong from the zoo.

The Prime Minister appeared on TV
And told us, he was sure,
There really wasn’t any need
To hide away indoors.

So, scrabbling across the ceiling,
I quickly found my coat,
Slumped up inside the wardrobe,
As though it had been choked.

Enrobed despite blue skies and sun,
(Old habits will die hard)
I went upstairs, opened the door,
And fell into the stars.

Rod Webb
Nov 28 2021

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Fantastic imagery of a world upside down, and funny too.

Tony Spencer
Dec 15 2021