The Dragonskin Chronicles - a snippet

Lady Galadriella had been watching the road all morning since the Dwarf messenger arrived late last night and sent a buzz of eager anticipation throughout the isolated community. She hadn't ever seen a Dwarf in these parts on the extreme edge of the Kingdom of Man before and hadn't met any at all since her late husband and she were last at Court in Llandoryn. Back then the widow of the old King, Galadriella‘s Mother-in-Law, was still alive and Galadriella last felt she was a welcome visitor in the old citadel above the capital city of Man. Since being widowed she'd not been back.


The old Dwarf Ambassador at the capital had been a sweet old man, she remembered, with a raft of funny and self-deprecating stories. It was difficult to reconcile those old memories with the earnest young Dwarf who banged on her cottage door, escorted by half the village who wanted to know the news that his novelty appearance announced, but he refused to tell anyone but "Lady Galadriella, the mother of the Hero of Dharibia and the Seven Kingdoms, the legendary Lord Korwyn".


Many in the village had not heard any real news of their absent Lord since he set out to track down the Black Dragon nine and a half years before, so he had indeed become a figure of speculative legend to them. Occasionally, a bag of silver would be sent by a known and trusted messenger from him and once a small bag of gold showed up, which had kept the village in bread for almost a year.


"My Lady, your son Lord Korwyn and his Lady Zyndyr, are together the hero and heroine of Dharibia and the Seven Kingdoms of Dwarves. Our Beloved High Queen has made both Lord Korwyn and his Lady Zyndyr Knights of the Grand Order of Pergammon, the highest honour that can be bestowed and the first ever given to non-Dwarves. Alone, your son and his lady rescued our High Queen Myr when she was but a princess, from the deep dungeons of the Orcs of Blearn Mountain, where they fought to the death with the Mad Wizard of Yandor in the guise of the White Dragon of Blearn. I am an advance messenger from those who follow me. Less than a day behind me is a train of carts carrying seed and farming implements with fifty able bodied Dwarves who are farmers and husbandmen as well as trained and able Militia, to help you with the preparation of the land all the way through to th...

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Tony Spencer
Dec 16 2021

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