Enchanted Potion

As she sat with her coffee she began to dream.
Of a home in the country, alongside a stream.
Where the wildlife is plenty, and the sunshine beams.
This home has a certain enchanted theme.

She has made a start to accomplish her plan,
But she needs to be patient, it's a long drawn out scam.
It will come to fruition by the end of Jan.
By this time she will have poisoned her man.

Well now it's September, she's a wealthy young lass.
A blissful young widow with lovers amass.
She spends time in her cottage among the wild growing grass.
And has no-one around her who'll abuse or harass.

But now she's deflated, as she looks at the stars.
Recalling her beautiful home, jewels and cars.
Alas, these have now become just her memoirs.
Though she lived her dream, she is now behind bars.

Tracy Windross
Jan 15 2022

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