Blue Pyjamas

Maddy and I had always slept naked, ever since that first nervous night of our honeymoon. Ha! You kids could scoff at your Great Grammies' innocence. But that is how it was then, for good girls and a respectable boy who feared the wrath of God and Dad, and Maddy's Dad, not necessarily in that order. We both had much older siblings and were both the products of our Dads being demobbed after six years at war and our Mums eagerly awaiting their return. Maddy was the eldest by four weeks and she always took charge. Everyone said if they saw Maddy, her shadow Tommy was not far behind.


It was just about the Swinging Sixties when we pair of near neighbours and best friends, who had walked together to and from school for years and years until we were 14 and decided to detour through the woods and try out kissing for the first time.


I suppose our hormones were starting to stir and we had started sneaking in to see "A" classified films at the pictures in town without our parents for the first time and saw Hollywood actors and actresses kissing. Technically, kids, we could see U films at any time and on Saturday morning flicks we did. We could've seen "A" films on our own from the age of 11, but both our parents were churchgoers, so we were too, and we were kept on a short leash. We had talked about kissing and there was no-one else either of us wanted to try it with but were too frightened to do it in public.


Our village was smaller then, before all the townies moved in and every curtain hid a nosy parker that knew our Grammies, our parents and every grown-up sibling, we'd never have a chance at keeping secrets. We went to village dances, we jived and waltzed to The Everley Brothers and the latest sensations The Temptations, we even twisted to Chubby Checker, but always under the withering eyes of "Those who knew better" and if they knew we'd touch lips and almost anywhere else, our parents would know it all before we got home.


But Wednesday after school, both our Mums had the WI luncheon followed by Bingo at the Village Hall and we had to get us own tea, so we detoured and kissed in the woods. Soon it became our favourite thing. But, kids, we were terrified to do anything else. Even now, well we did up to when your Gramma … passed, we kissed all the time, good morning, thanks f...

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Tony Spencer
Feb 5 2022

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