Blue Pyjamas

My dad never wore pyjamas.
I remember all through my childhood that he slept naked, having to cover up if we ever entered our parent’s bedroom.

The pyjamas only ever came out when he was in hospital.
Not that he was in hospital very often.  But my memories of his blue pyjamas are always associated with him being unwell.

He’s a fighter my dad.
83 years old and still plodding on.  I say plodding, it’s more of a shuffle really.  He can hardly walk now.  The effects of Alzheimer’s.

His diet is quite specific due to his heart bypass, his gallbladder removal and his diabetes.  His speech is slow due to his stroke and can’t see much now he has cataracts. But he still has all his marbles, albeit a little hazy.

We used to giggle, my sister and I, that when he got old and decrepit, we would stick him in a wheelchair with a blanket over his legs and wheel him down the garden in front of the pond so he could watch the fishes.

The reality is, that this is now true.
This once active man who could do anything, build anything, be anything, now only has his mind left, and even that gets very confused.

Back then when he came home from his hospital visit, those blue pyjamas would get washed, ironed and folded away until needed again.

Today those pyjamas are metaphorical.
And he never takes them off.

Tracy Windross
Feb 5 2022

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Love this piece. Worrying, as I’m in my 70s, have cataracts, was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and on pills to reduce my blood pressure for 4 months last year. I wonder when I’ll need a set of wheels and a pair of PJs to see my pond?!

Tony Spencer
Feb 5 2022