£200 Passing Go? No!

I picked up a beautiful young woman from her office to take her to the airport. She immediately realised that the limo was the one that Yousif drives.


Clearly disappointed to find a rough-looking middle-aged guy driving, she asked tersely, "Where's Yousif?"


I fed her a line, no choice really.


"Sorry, Madam," I apologised, "It's my first day with the courtesy car firm. This airport run's only my second unsupervised job."


I gave her my most charming smile reflected in the rear view mirror and hoped she'd buy it. Her brow remained furrowed. Damn! This job was supposed to be for a quick 200 quid.


The plan was to drive her to the airport to catch her flight and collect two hundred sovs from Yousif's pal. And see if I could sneak off with her passport, leaving her there tapping her pretty little foot.


A simple plan. Now I knew it was far from simple. I should have realised sooner what trouble we were in and walked away. I could still do that. Just stop the car near a tube station, get out and leave her and that limo well alone. Then I saw her beautiful face in the mirror and knew I couldn't just leave her to her fate. She'd be an innocent victim. And Yousif? Well, he'd have to take his chances.


She was waiting for a better explanation from me. I couldn't tell her what was really going on, she'd've freaked.


So I lied. Told her I'd been introduced to a dozen drivers and staff on my first day today. All a blur of faces but, I suggested, maybe Yousif was the tall, slender, dark-haired, handsome and charming young man with a neat moustache?


"Yes," she said, "That's Yousif, so why's he not driving?"


Damn good question, Danny boy, I thought. She's an attractive, sharp smart chick, in her mid- to late-twenties, I guessed. With a comfortable lifestyle she'd probably look gorgeous well into her middle years. Me? Only 41 but dog-eared by military service, hard life and knocks, so I look much older.


I replied, ”I'm the new guy and dunno much. I understood this Yousif fella had the afternoon and evening off and left before this job came into the despatcher's office. Otherwise, he might have been driving instead of me."



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Tony Spencer
Feb 6 2022

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