Coffee Club

A bunch of strangers, a keen group of folk,

Came together online so their words could provoke.

Regular virtual meetings they had,

Judging their writings as good, or not bad.


The team was made up of some regular souls,

With writing poems and stories, their goals.

From all over the world they would log in on time,

To hear those quick written stories and rhymes.


A sci fi lover, is one of the group.

His stories inspired by a time travelling loop.

With his upside world and inside out thoughts,

His writing can leave you feeling out of sorts.


Another member is a well versed gent.

Many long hours on his novels, he’s spent.

With no primary genre, he’s published some books.

His knowledge and guidance to others is crux.


Then we have a wonderful woman from Oz.

With her legendary tales of what once was.

She can only join in when the time is right,

But her stories take you to a wonderful height.


There’s a quiet one who doesn’t say much.

Whose writings have unexpected twists and such.

Who knows where he finds his ideas for his work,

But reading ‘The Drift’, for me, is a perk.


Then the gal who makes us all laugh.

Her talent for quizzing is certainly not naff.

Her stories gradually pull you inside,

With the ebb and flow of a wonderful tide.


Alas there’s the guy who’s very well read.

Takes all the groups comments in his stead.

His stories are often in a fantasy world

Where his creativity is unfurled.


They’ve had virtual meetings for 2 years now.

And its still as fresh as the first somehow.

Maybe in the future they’ll meet face to face.

Get together at one of the group member’s place.


From that point on they’ll be more tales to tell.

In the flesh, will they all get along just as well?

Will they rub one another up the wrong way?

Well… Only time will tell, they say.

Tracy Windross
Feb 6 2022

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Very fun to read and match verses with characters! I think you've discovered a new genre - interactive poetry!

Paul Sterlini
Feb 9 2022

Loved reading this and spotting all the coffee club members. So clever!

Rod Webb
Feb 6 2022

Excellent, Tracy, packed with pure joy, it,s a pleasure reading your piece.

Tony Spencer
Feb 6 2022