Dragons; A Buyer’s Guide

If you’re buying a dragon for Grace,

Make sure you have plenty of space.

It would also be good,

To have a house that’s not wood,

And a fire brigade too, just in case.


Remember that dragons are quite large.

They’re roughly the size of a barge.

And when their wings are outstretched,

It’s a pretty sure bet.

They’ll need rather more space than your car.


You’ll also need room for its poo.

Have you ever been to the zoo?

Where an elephant’s mess,

Is significant, yes;

But much less than your dragon will do.


And you’ll need a small village or three,

Full of people you’d rather not see.

There is nothing a dragon likes more,

Than a casual acquaintance, or four,

For its breakfast, for lunch and for tea.

Mark Dunn
Apr 11 2020

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This made me smile

Tracy Windross
May 1 2020