The Voyage of the Blue Pyjama Trousers

It started with a warm Sunday morning. Not lazy, but very, very energetic.

Things were heating up in the bedroom. Hands, arms, and legs grabbing other arms, hands, legs and other body parts in a complicated tangle of passion. A tangle of bra straps and pyjama drawstrings joined in the fray, ultimately becoming frayed themselves as they were ripped off in frustration and thrown to the sides of the room.

The bra found itself onto the back of the bed post; the blue pyjama bottoms had more vigour and ended up on the windowsill. The breeze through the open window caught a trouser leg, lifting it playfully and turning it over. The other leg slipped a little on the ledge, offsetting the centre of balance and allowing gravity to take purchase of the garment. Two blue pyjama legs tumbled out of the top floor window, twisting and folding in origamic delight, possibly mirroring what its original owner was doing with his own legs.

The pyjamas fluttered downwards, ending up pinned against the windscreen of a car whose wipers weren’t able to shift the light blue fabric clear from the line of sight of the driver. The car wrapped its metal body around a lamppost; the inert body inside motionless.

Wailing sirens. Blue lights.

Red trucks, welding gear and strong arms freed the unconscious man who was laid carefully onto a stretcher and pushed into the back of an ambulance. More sirens, but it seemed more peaceful now.

He awoke to see a sterile white wall and a nurse walking towards him. Hospital. It’s hardly ever a good place to be, but then…how else would he see this vision of beauty clutching his medical chart, holding, it seemed, his life in her delicate hands, pressing it against her chest.

He became aware of own chest; bare, but with tubes and wires and pads and all sorts of devices attached to it. And below? He moved his arm under the sheets to check his dignity.

“Don’t worry,” the nurse said, smiling. “We found your blue pyjama trousers.” She had a soft, calm, yet slightly musical voice. “I’m afraid they’re slightly ripped,” she added.

He smiled back. They certainly weren’t his, but he was glad to be wearing them. “I hope you washed them first?”

Paul Sterlini
Feb 9 2022

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A very funny twist with unexpected possibilities

Tony Spencer
May 29 2022

I loved this - laugh out loud funny.

Rod Webb
Feb 10 2022

It's always good to read stories based on personal experience.

Paul Sterlini
Feb 10 2022

Kept my interest and imagination twisting and turning just like those blue pyjamas!

Wanda Sterlini
Feb 9 2022