One of the Crowd

His command was to round up the sheep, and he wanted to obey his master. But it was a difficult task for this sheep dog. It would have been easy if he was one of the sheep, one of the crowd. Then all he’d need to do was say “Hey guys, shall we head over there into that pen?” – and they’d, yes, all head over there into the pen so Farmer could close the gate.

And if they didn’t, then he’d just walk in there himself and the rest of the sheep would follow. Simples. Being a sheep dog would be an easy job for a sheep.

But he wasn’t a sheep. He wasn’t even a border collie. He was barely a dog; he was an Alaskan Huskie whose owner thought it would be a wild stretch of the imagination to name him Wolfie.

Wolfie the sheep dog. Three animal types written in one sentence. He just needed to get them all into one pen.

He stood by the enclosure, and looked at the flock of sheep on the opposite side of the field. Sheep cowering in fear of butterflies or daisies or some other monster that nature had in store for them. He glanced at the cows in the field next door. Heads dropped in, what? Submission? Big brown eyes looking up through long eyelashes. Sheepish cows and cowering sheep. But at least they had their companions.

Farmer was Wolfie’s only companion, and Wolfie desperately wanted to please him, but how?

A tufty white ball of wool caught his sharp eyes as it caught the evening breeze.

That was it! Wolfie pounced and caught the wool between his teeth. With a twist of the neck and rub with his snout, the coarse wool velcrowed onto his own fur. He collected a few more pieces of wool from a helpful thicket and within two shakes of, aha! his tail, he was a sheep!

With his new clothing he was one of them, and now he could do his job! He trotted happily over to his new co-species.


Wolfie heard Farmer’s son calling out to him. Thankfully the sheep didn’t seem to take much notice, but Wolfie couldn’t help picking up his pace in exuberant anticipation.

“Right,” he said, smiling with a toothy smile. “Let’s see if I can make some friends!”


Paul Sterlini
Apr 2 2022

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I particularly love the cowering sheep and the sheepish cows.

Paul Sterlini
Apr 6 2022

Very amusing story about the problems of singularity and herd mentality of belonging, tied in lots of crazy juxtapositions. Excellent stuff.

Tony Spencer
Apr 2 2022

Great fun. Woolfie would definetly be the winner in the sheepdog trials.

Wanda Sterlini
Apr 2 2022