Eddie and the Jet Stream

Eddie was a wind sprite who grew up in the Rocky Mountains but attended the Wind Sprite School on the flat prairies. The school was protective of their wind sprites, teaching them how to make whirlwinds of dust but nothing too adventurous.


But Eddie was frustrated, he wanted to grow up to be a hurricane or a tornado but his homeland in Canada was too far north and far too cold.


Today’s lesson was all about the Jet Stream, that blew all the way around the world and back again, but Eddie was disappointed, the class were forbidden to spin and fly up as high as the Jet Stream.


After school his classmates, knowing his ambitions, teased him into thinking they would join him as they all soared above the clouds. Once there, the Jet Stream scooped up Eddie, leaving behind the cowardly sprites, who had let him go up on his own and the Jet stream carried Eddie over the ocean to another continent.


"I'm the stupidest, head in the clouds, kinda wind, who my so-called friends betrayed," Eddie moaned.


"Don't ever forget your dreams, Eddie," the Jet Stream said to him gently, "One day I will tell everyone I know that I knew Eddie the Hurricane when he was just a tiny puff of wind. I’ll tell you this, up here, Eddie, I hear things, whispers on the wind, not too loud, but whispers do carry upward and I have always listened, always.'


‘What do you hear, Mister er ... Stream?" asked Eddie.


"Momentous things, young Eddie, more than even your dreams can encompass."


"I dunno, I'm told I dream too high."


"No dream is too high, Eddie."


"My teacher says I can daydream as high as the sun," groaned Eddie, remembering being frequently told off in wind school.


The Jet Stream laughed louder, "She knows, up there, the Mother Sun and her Daughters. They don't let on but I've seen her watching day after day."


"Are you gonna tell me what they are watching, or do I have to guess?" no matter how tired Eddie was, spinning in the stratosphere, or the respect he had for the Jet Stream, he was still getting annoyed at being kept in the dark.


"Oh, you'll know, youngster, you'll know when you are caught up in it, you'll find yourself in the middle of your own hurricane yet!" the Jet Stream laughed, "Here's your drop off point, out in the middle of nowhere."


"But how will I recognise what I am looking for if you don't tell me what it is and what I need to do?"


And with that the Jet Stream was gone, leaving a final farewell, his laughter echoing in Eddie's ears.


"Goodbye, Eddie. You'll recognise it young 'un, don't worry ... just look out for a human girl child ... she's called Breeze, and you'll be fine."

Tony Spencer
Apr 16 2022

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