A Mindful Journey

With her head in the clouds, she drifted on by.

Looking for the answer in the cotton wool sky.

Light as a feather in a soft summer breeze,

Her thoughts wondered gently, her mind was at ease.


Her daydream gradually gathered speed,

As she felt her inner wishes be freed.

She saw her life in front of her eyes,

As she pondered on the powdery blue ribbon skies.


She thought of her life with a love of her own.

An idyllic cottage they would both call their home.

With soft scented flowers and neatly mown grass,

This is her dream and she’s seen it, alas.


Her life with her partner is tender, serene,

As she curiously watches the fluffy white screen.

Perhaps in the future they may have a child,

Joyously giggling in the garden; she smiled.


Fast forward more years and now she’s a Nan,

With a beautiful grandchild for her and her man.

These thoughts have filled her with such tenderness,

Her future will be a loving success.


But all of a sudden she jolts back to Earth,

Where reality hits and ends the mirth.

No more thoughts of that enchanted dream,

As she’s back in the classroom, she’s only thirteen.

Tracy Windross
Apr 25 2022

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A lovely day dream!

Nonita Thomas
May 5 2022